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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Samsung's Gear, VR in Business

CW on Samsung Gear:
 A Virtual reality Solution that has been around for some time.  For games, yes ... now what are the clear business applications lined up for driving decision driven Apps?    Have not seen a live demonstration of their approach as yet.  Microsoft's Hololens is a clear competitor.   Google Glass will likely also re-emerge.

" ... The scene unfolds before you. There’s Tim in accounting and Roger from the support team. You glance over at the clock on the wall and notice that someone forgot to change the battery. Then, a lanky millennial walks up to the podium and starts talking about a new security app that could change the known universe. Kind of dull. You take off the headset and flip on the news.

Could this be the future of business? After testing the Samsung Gear VR headset this past week (the $200 device requires the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 smartphone), there’s a good chance you could be attending virtual sales demos in the near future. The technology is not quite there yet, but there’s a potential to do more than just let you tap into a meeting.

Live streaming an event is one place to start, though. It requires that anyone who wants to live-stream an event install a special 360-degree camera. And, Samsung hasn’t quite offered an app you can use to tap into a live stream. But imagine the benefits. You can look anywhere you want, so it feels like you are really in attendance. You could record the meeting and watch it later, and if you had a way to speak to the room, you could ask questions. ... " 

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