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Thursday, April 30, 2015

IBM Advances Quantum Computing

In CW: Have followed this for years with regard to the practical application to complex combinatorial  problems.   See previously our interaction with D-Wave.   New advances by IBM, but some suggestion there is still far to go:

" ... IBM scientists say they have made two critical advances in an industrywide effort to build a practical quantum computer, shaving years off the time expected to have a working system.

"This is critical," said Jay Gambetta, IBM's manager of theory of quantum computing. "The field has got a lot more competitive. You could say the [quantum computing] race is just starting to begin… This is a small step on the journey but it's an important one."

Gambetta told Computerworld that IBM's scientists have created a square quantum bit circuit design, which could be scaled to much larger dimensions. This new two-dimensional design also helped the researchers figure out a way to detect and measure errors. ... " 

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