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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Clorox CIO Discusses Challenge of Big Data

Former colleague discusses Big Data value in the enterprise.    And like any analytics application, Big data or not, it is about getting to a real business process solution.  Insight needs to drive real action.   Starting with knowing what the questions are.

" ... Many big companies today do a great job of collecting big data, However, the challenge remains to get insights out of the data. Clorox CIO Manjit Singh suggests taking a more agile approach.

Big data is top of mind for the C-suite and IT executives today, particularly in the realm of marketing data and marketing analytics, says Manjit Singh, CIO of The Clorox Company. While organizations are focused on big data, many are failing to act upon their data because they simply get sidetracked.

Where the data challenge lies

"The challenge is not in collecting the data," Singh says. "We're challenged in how to get insight out of the data — what questions to ask and how to use the data to predict results in the business." ... '

(Read the whole thing .... some very useful thoughts)

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