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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Artificial Precognition Links Data and AI

In Datanami, the broad thought is interesting, and  recalls ideas of our own to link together data analytics and cognitive computing, aka AI.   Directly linking decisions and advisory components.  It also makes one think of any kind event based forecasting, which is typically high risk.  See also Recorded Future, mentioned here a number of times, which extracts time domain online unstructured data for analysts, but does not claim to predict anything directly.

Have not seen this at any depth as yet.   Will ask for more information.

" ... London-based Massive Analytic said its Oscar AP artificial intelligence platform was being made available for beta testing so partners can use the tool to analyze business moves and predict the outcomes of those decisions.

Oscar AP, which runs on native Hadoop, is billed as a kind of artificial intelligence “trusted advisor” capable of analyzing a company’s business operations to study the possible outcomes of decisions before they are implemented. The goal is to produce outcomes that boost revenues, reduce operating costs and identify “previous undetected revenue opportunities,” according to George Frangou founder, president and executive chairman of Massive Analytic. .. 

Oscar AP is based on patented artificial precognition technology the company describes as providing knowledge of possible events and outcomes before they occur for different types of data, including structured, text, image, video and audio. The platform runs on Spark, enabling it to crunch real-time or batch data."   ... ' 

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