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Monday, March 02, 2015

Shopping in Virtual Reality

Spent some time looking at how people might shop using virtual reality.  In particular was part of a retail innovation group that looked at Second Life for this.  That broader 3D environment there did change the result. Our outcome was that VR, as it existed then, did not promote shopping for the CPG categories we examined. But should the virtual environment mimic live retal?  Clearly for some domains, especially those that integrated complex 3D interaction, or information,  the outcome would be different. Retailwire examines this in a discussion.   Worth a yet closer look.  Glad to share informally.   Any other reactions?

" ... According to Walker Sands' "2015 Future of Retail Study," more than a third of consumers would do more online shopping if they were able to try on a products virtually using a device like Oculus Rift. What do you think the arrival of virtual reality technology will mean for e-commerce? How will it affect physical stores?  ... " 

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