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Monday, March 02, 2015

On the State of Neuromarketing as Science

Via Forbes,  by Roger Dooley.  He examines the status of a long running ARF study, which he says includes both positive and negative results for neuromarketing.  I have been part of neuromarketing tests, both inside a large enterprise, and as part of a startup that sold the analysis methods.

" .... Most recently, an exciting new study from Temple University researchers took direct aim at the most popular neuromarketing technologies in an attempt to validate their effectiveness. The work was done at Temple University’s Center for Neural Decision Making at the Fox School of Business. A separate team at New York University analyzed the collected data and compared it to actual advertising results. The project was funded by the Advertising Research Foundation, which has been engaged in a multi-year effort to develop standards for neuromarketing. ... " 

Good read, but still preliminary. Links to the Temple study above are worthwhile.   Conclusion?  Neuromarketing studies appear to extend classical maketing analysis techniques.  But the reason the studies appear to work cannot yet be confirmed by the neuroscience reasons suggested.  Seems to aim towards an art vs science conclusion.  Which increases risk in their application.   Similar to what I heard from neuro scientists in 2007.

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