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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Polinode: Leveraging Visual Enterprise Networks

Polinode was brought to my attention because we also looked at using visualized networks to understand how our company worked, and could be simulated in its adaptation to changes over time and context, both slow and rapid.   A kind of dynamic, simulation of  corporate people architecture.   The thought was to further add the interaction of people with their data.  We also used highly visual network representations.  Polinode writes:

" Polinode is a powerful and easy-to-use platform for mapping, visualizing and analyzing relationships across organizations  .... We help organizations become more Agile and Innovative ... 
Polinode is a flexible tool that helps cut through complexity. At its core is the ability to map, visualize and analyze relationships. Applications range from identifying change agents and finding critical links through to promoting diversity and improving workplace layouts....plus a lot more.... " 

Check out Polinode here, you can apply for trying a closed Beta.
You can also see a video demo here.   I am looking further.

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