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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Gamification at SAP in May 2015

First example I had heard of a major software company being involved seriously in gamification.   With mention of the key analytcs involved. Available soon.    Will be fun to see that the pilots are,  You can sign up at the link:

" ... The SAP HCP Gamification Service will be publicly available at SAPPHIRE (May 2015). You will then be able to try out the new gamification platform as service in your SAP HANA Cloud Platform Trial account. The service comes with a web-based gamification workbench for modelling game mechanics and arbitrary complex rules. The underlying gamification engine is designed for real-time processing of sophisticated gamification concepts, e.g. involving time constraints and cooperation.

Since the service relies on SAP HANA Cloud Platform it comes with built-in runtime game analytics for continuous improvement of game designs. The integration into your application works simply via Web APIs. Comprehensive code examples will demonstrate how to integrate your application, including the implementation of widgets based on SAP UI5 for the representation of your achievements. The SAP Cloud Identity Service allows you to support Single-Sign-On (SSO) .... "

This led me to the SAP Community Network, and then to the Jive Gamification Module, discussion devoted to gamification applications.  Would like to get more descriptions of applications and how successful this has been in delivery.  Or propose a pilot yourself.

See the gamification tag below for mention of some of our enterprise experiences.

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