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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Smart Machines Now Seen at Work

Good look at how machines replace people at work.   Similar concerns were written about in the late 80s.   Clearly AI will change how we work,  the systems are augmenting and thus changing the nature of jobs and their component tasks.  Survey of current applied work underway, including Watson. Attending a presentation on just such work this morning.

' ...  "In the next five years I expect that the range of decisions we let machines make autonomously will grow substantially," says Tim Estes, CEO and founder of Digital Reasoning, which offers a natural language processing engine.

"Over the next five or 10 years we will see the rise of a class of useful, personalized, AI-based machines that can do things for you," agrees Neff Hudson, vice president at insurer USAA. "It will proceed in stages, and now it's in the personalized scripting phase," in other words, the ability to respond to questions. ... ' 

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