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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Classification Example Using Deep learning

Want to understand the use of artificial neural networks for analytics?

" ... The National Data Science Bowl, a data science competition where the goal was to classify images of plankton, ... participated with six other members of my research lab, the Reservoir lab of prof. Joni Dambre at Ghent University in Belgium. Our team finished 1st! In this post, we’ll explain our approach. ...  

Interesting and instructive image recognition case study. Considerable detail provided.

Classifying plankton with deep neural networks  ..
(Sample images at the right)
Introduction, The problem ... 
The goal of the competition was to classify grayscale images of plankton into one of 121 classes. They were created using an underwater camera that is towed through an area. The resulting images are then used by scientists to determine which species occur in this area, and how common they are. There are typically a lot of these images, and they need to be annotated before any conclusions can be drawn. Automating this process as much as possible should save a lot of time! ....  :

Brought to my attention by Dirk Borne

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