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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Large Scale Graphics Visualization

Just noticed this new system.  I have been working with GePhi:

An interview with Leo Meyerovich:

Who is behind Graphistry?
Graphistry spun out of UC Berkeley’s Parallel Computing lab last year. It stems from my Ph.D. on the first parallel web browser (Mozilla etc. are building new browsers around those ideas) and from Matt Torok (my RA), who built Superconductor, a GPU scripting language for big interactive data visualizations. 

What does Graphistry do?
Graphistry scales and streamlines visual analysis of big graphs.  Think answering questions about people (intelligence, sales, marketing), about things (data centers, sensors), and combinations of them (e.g., financial transactions). For example, we used it to crack a 70K+ node botnet a couple days ago. Our tool immediately revealed the accounts involved, their different roles, especially key accounts, and, after 30min of interactive analysis & googling, the credit card & passport theft operation it funneled to. Most tools can only sensibly show hundreds of nodes,  and a couple open source ones handle tens of thousands, but we’re already pushing 100X more than that. ... " 

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