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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

BPM lntegrating IBM Watson, A Starting point for Modeling and Improvement

Integrate IBM BPM with IBM Watson, Part 1 ... by Raj Mehra, IBM Senior Architect. ... Improve decision making in process applications with the Question .... and Answer service on IBM Bluemix.  

  I am taking a closer look in  conversations with reearchers and practitioners. .  We developed many business process models, anc considered such a model would be an ideal place to start to create advsory models in business,

In general these models can be hard to build, and sometimes difficult to reconcile with reality but once built they can be an excellent starting point for improvements.  They can also be a means for understanding how data can be retrieved or inserted to create analytical solutions.  They are an ideal way to engage those that are curators of the real process to engineer the insertion of solutions.   Do you have some BPM models to use as starting points?  This does NOT have to be using IBM BPM models.

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