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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Intel's Curie Wearable Component

The Curie Wearable.  It won't be a fashion statement.    But an  interesting component for future IOT applications.   Most interesting, its very small size and its low power consumption,

" ... Intel wants wearable device technology to be inconspicuous, so it's making its Curie wearable computer available through a button-sized board or as part of a chip package. ... The Curie, slated to ship in the second half of the year, was first shown at CES in the form of a button-sized computer on Intel CEO Brian Krzanich's suit. The almost invisible Curie had technology that could read heart rates, and transfer the data wirelessly using Bluetooth. Blending technology discreetly into wearables is Intel's goal with Curie, which will go into a wide range of tiny coin battery devices that can run for days and months without a recharge. ... " 

More from Intel on the Curie.

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