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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Virtual Reality Big Data Analytics

Have mentioned experiments we did in this space,   Which were not successful.   Primarily because you already needed to be in this reality to make it work.   Once people are there, there will be opportunities,   Infoworld:

" ... Many analytical dashboards are graphical clickfests -- it's great that you see the high level, but when you want to get to the next level, guess what? You have several layers of abstraction to click through. They are as byzantine as they are informative. This is particularly true where real-world assets are involved.

Take the power industry, for instance. Having worked on a few smart-grid analytics projects, this is near and dear to my heart. Great, you have an outage. You see there is a faulty asset. How do you inspect what is wrong? Obviously you can go there, but if you have most of the data in electronic form, what is the next best thing to being there? Virtual reality offers a solution. ... " 

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