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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Tableau Free Visualization Tool

 I have been a subscriber to Tableau for so long, I had forgotten about their free data visualization tool.  It has been enhanced.

" ... Tableau Desktop Public, the Tableau Public client app now available for the Mac and Windows, takes data in Microsoft Access, Excel, or CSV format. While the full-blown version of Tableau can connect to remote data sources like Splunk or Hadoop, the Public client is limited to OData and Windows Azure Marketplaces as back ends and will only work with up to 1 million rows of data.

TableauA sample Tableau Public data visualization, with a fully interactive data set. Tableau Desktop Public allows you to create such visualizations from CSV, Excel, or Access data, then publish them as embeddable HTML5.

By dragging and dropping elements from the ingested data, a user can create a visualization in much the same manner as an Excel chart, then upload the results to Tableau Public for sharing. The resulting visualization is HTML5-powered and interactive, but it must come from either Tableau Public's server or one's own server version of Tableau. ... " 

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