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Friday, March 20, 2015

Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative

A reminder about the Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative (WCAI) , who we connected with from time to time via Peter Fader.  

" .... the Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative (WCAI) is the preeminent academic research center focusing on the development and application of customer analytic methods. Acting as “matchmaker” between academia and industry, WCAI has a broad impact on the practice of data-driven business decision-making, and the dissemination of relevant insights to managers, students and policy makers.

Based in the Wharton School’s Marketing Department and designed to capitalize on Wharton’s longstanding strength in conducting empirical research, WCAI is an interdisciplinary effort that brings a passionate data-driven perspective unmatched by any other business school. ... " 

Customer Analytics refers to the collection, management, analysis and strategic leverage of a firm\’s granular data about the behavior(s) of its customers. There are several features that distinguish customer analytics from other types of data collection/analysis. ... " 

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