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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Challenge of Cognitive Assistants for Knowledge Workers

Just attended a talk by Hamid R Motahari Nezhad of IBM Almaden, on Cognitive Work Assistants. His slides here.  As part of the Cognitive Systems Institute series.  This relates to the overall problem of how we will see AI at work, and how it may augment or replace labor.   Examples like Siri are getting people used to the process of cognitive interaction with an assistant.  Recall my particular interest has been how business process models will be used to bootstrap this process.

The talk provided a view of how such assistants will augment knowledge workers, what is currently working and the many challenges that still exist.   Although we have made considerable strides in the last decade, there are still a number of challenges to make the generalized assistant work.   The slides also include an excellent historical perspective.

Still disappointed to see that there seems to be relatively little work on how the considerable efforts already done with BPM to model work can be used to get this kind of augmentation started.   This relates to the distinction between generalized work augmentation and interaction and focus as part of a specific job and it's required data.    Hope to post more here on that soon.

Good talk, essential for understanding the current state of challenges and solutions,

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