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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Juji: Behavior-based Individuality Analysis

Michelle Zhou brought to my attention their new personality analysis startup that creates people profiles from Twitter and Facebook streams.  I  gave it a try and was impressed by its ease of use.     The idea of this kind of user modeling has been around for a long time, we tested related ideas with text analyses of 800 line calls.  This example is one of the first that uses new sources of social data effectively.  Consider if you combined results of this system with streams of IOT data, you could provide an analysis of people in context.

Juji has similarities to and in part derives from work done at IBM, that I have reported on previously, but it is now a unconnected startup.  It provides both profiles and alternative use case scenarios.  Give it a try, they need a critical mass of testers, and are providing incentives for students to participate.

Sign up and test the system.

They write about their goals:

Our Vision
Juji's mission is to discover the world’s people by their individuality, and to enable individualization at scale. Our notion of individualization includes two aspects. One is self individuation, a concept proposed by the renowned Psychologist Carl Jung: one should be aware of and realize one's true self. The other is for individuals to obtain hyper-personalized experiences that suit their true nature, including their personality, physical and emotional needs, values and beliefs, and taste and style.

As the first step toward fulfilling our mission, we empower our users, individuals and businesses alike, to automatically derive deep insights about people of interest from opt-in or public data (e.g., public blogs and web pages). Such insights characterize a person's or a group's individuality from multiple aspects, encompassing their professional and personal lives. Our users can then use the derived insights to develop and improve their own brand personality, and create individualized engagements at scale (e.g., interacting with hundreds or thousands of customers in an personalized way).  ....    "

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Juji is very easy to use.

As for correctness, I'm sure that it is, as far as it goes. Obviously, it can't capture the true essence of people who are very deliberate about their engagement in social media. Found this to be true in how it profiled my individuality. Accurate reflection of my participation BUT not an accurate reflection of ME.