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Monday, March 16, 2015

Graph Analytics to Understand Bigger Data

A way to visually and systematically examine how your Big Data is interconnected.    Here recently in Infoworld,   We used this for a number of projects in the enterprise.  The software is catching up with the volume and complexity of the data.   Again, I point to the free open source system Gephi, a good place to start, see the text link below to much more.

Sometimes a key aspect of what is called exploratory data analysis. 
Its not just about the data, its about how it interacts with other data and its context. The network becomes a form of anaytical metadata.

" ... How graph analytics deliver deeper understanding .. Graph analysis will make big data even bigger

What's the fastest growing use case for big data analytics?

By mapping relationships among high volumes of highly connected data, graph analytics unlocks more insightful questions and produces more accurate outcomes ... 

As the sources, types, and amounts of data continue to expand, so will the need for different kinds of analytics to make something of that data. Unfortunately, there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to analytics -- no magic pill that will get your organization the insight it needs to stay competitive. Graph analytics has emerged as the new hot topic, but to what end? What is the impact of graph analytics technology on organizations seeking to discover the cause, effect, and influence of events on business outcomes?  ... " 

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