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Monday, March 16, 2015

Amazon Echo and the IOT

This also made me think of the Amazon Echo effort. With possible applications in store and in enterprise.  Possibly doing a better job of integrating the two as part of an Internet of Things. Another way to connect people into the IOT to capture their input and thus engage them in new ways.

Amazon Accelerates Internet of Things (IoT) Strategy by Joe Panettieri  (May require registration)
Amazon's Internet of Things (IoT) strategy is coming into public focus. The latest move involves Amazon acquiring 2lemetry -- an IoT startup that links machine data with business applications, and potentially drives customers to buy more products and services.

2lemetry confirmed the Amazon buyout on its website. The startup has two core IoT offerings so far:
2lemetry Integrate -- which connects device data to applications and databases like Salesforce.com, Heroku and ThingWorx.

2lemetry Incoming -- which blends the worlds of people, places and things -- covering everything from asset tracking to far more advanced applications like facial recognition with analytics. 2lemetry claims its facial recognition solution "effectively measures and records age and gender– data that can then be used for digital signage or for analytics to drive future decisions. .... "

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