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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Machine Learning, Analytics and Learning

A favorite topic when we sought to implement artificial intelligence in the enterprise was machine learning.   Ultimately we integrated what is now called 'business analytics' and AI, to considerable success. I always made the point that ALL analytics, AI or otherwise,  needed to integrate learning, at one level of automation or another.   All analytics models need updating, revalidation, renewal and collibration.  Utimately all of our models were reconfigured or replaced.

Steve Miller reviews online open courseware by Caltech's Andrew Ng,  professor and practitioner of machine learning.   A good place to renew my own learning and yours.  Starting with his machine learning course.   Will get back to you  on that.  Miller writes:

" ...  I’ve already gone through the first few weeks of pre-recorded video lectures and much like what I’ve seen. Ng’s an outstanding teacher and the short lectures are perfect for an attention-challenged learner like me. The periodic quizzes keep me on my toes. And I love the approach of using an open source, high-level, mathematical language like Octave – a topic of several lectures -- to program the learning algorithms for class assignments. I find if I can program the model in Octave, I have a pretty good understanding of its operation .... "

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