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Monday, April 30, 2012

A Refrigerator is a Peripheral

We experimented widely with the network in the 'future home'.  As part of that effort we visited Microsoft's future home.  I was never impressed with how much they had thought through the network to address the myriad, and quickly changing devices in a real home.  The technological devices change every two years, but you expect your refrigerator to last twenty years.  Now we are back at that issue.  How they are taking another run at a home HomeOS and what it might include:  " ... Applications developed for Microsoft's HomeOS include one that generates an e-mail with photos snapped by in-home cameras whenever a front or back door is opened or if the doorbell rings, face-recognition reminder systems, and Microsoft Kinect cameras that provide gestural control for devices. Microsoft has released new details on HomeOS.... " 

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