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Monday, April 30, 2012

PARC Emphasizes Business Models

I have mentioned a number of times we actively worked with PARC.  We sought them out to better understand changes in some of the technologies they pioneered.  Now they position themselves as being  more about business models.  Which does make sense.  You could make the case that many of their innovations,  like Ethernet, the personal computer and 'windows'  failed, at least for them, because they never considered the right business model to make them work.  The article has some other interesting thoughts and overview visuals from their conference.   Notably their view of open innovation.

" .... The Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) is known beyond Silicon Valley for its role developing products—Ethernet, WSYIWYG editors, laser printing. But mentions of those historic heights were kept at a minimum during this week's Power of 10 conference. The message of the day was clear with the first words to greet guests at the registration table (via both conference workers and a commemorative bookmark). "Just wanted to let you know, 'Xerox PARC' is so 10 years ago. Today, we're 'PARC, a Xerox company.'"faster in the process ....  "

See also, the PARC Blog.

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