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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Electronic Laboratory Notebook Management

Rescentris just brought to my attention.   We worked on Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) systems that could be signed and witnessed some time ago.  Most recently I was reintroduced to the broader issue of how knowledge management could be linked to recording systems.  Re-examining now:  " ... The system architecture of Rescentris’ CERF solutions was implemented to meet all of the requirements of an enterprise ELN and scientific content management solution to serve the needs of the life sciences and general research community for the near and long-term. CERF was designed to have a highly modular rather than monolithic architecture to enable ease of updates, adaptation, customization, and integration. The core semantic technologies infrastructure unifies the set of managed components that together make up the product and its market-driven features for managing research content and lab records..... "

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