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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Office Tablets

Tablets are more mobile than a laptop.  Good for applications like healthcare.  But in general business applications?  I have had an iPad for about a year now.  An upscale sophisticated  toy?  Have used it most every day.  It is a convenience.  Quicker boot than a PC,  easier to do a quick demo or search with.  Bigger screen than a smartphone, easier on the eyes.  Especially for visualizing data, diagrams, images and seeking patterns.  If the future is about images and visualizing, it will be there.

With a client recently, on the way out the door,  I pulled it out of my case and did a thirty second demo to drive home an idea.   An elevator device?   Companies I have worked with have handed out hundreds of them to their executives.   I heard confusion from some of their people ...  why?   What do I do with it?  I still have to carry my phone around.  Thousands of Apps, but not enough specific focus.   ReadWriteWeb takes a further look at what they may be good for.

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