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Saturday, April 09, 2022

Ukraine Preserving Digital Culture

 Volunteers Scramble to Preserve Ukraine's Digital Culture

in IEEE Spectrum, Tekla S. Perry, April 6, 2022

More than 1,300 volunteers are working to preserve Ukraine's digital culture before the servers and personal computers used by museums, dance companies, libraries, music collections, and other organizations to store websites, videos, and images can be destroyed. Tufts University's Anna Kijas put out a call on Twitter in late February for volunteers to take part in a data-rescue event to save Ukrainian websites. The volunteers joined forces to offer cloud storage and other technical assistance. In a matter of days, the first volunteers had created tutorials and a website and rolled out the Saving Ukrainian Heritage Online (SUCHO) project, which so far has preserved over 10 terabytes of data, including nearly 15,000 images and PDFs and parts of over 3,000 websites.  ... ' 

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