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Wednesday, April 20, 2022

NFT and Brands

 Do they mean anything for brands at all?

Why NFTs should be seen as worldbuilding opportunities for brands  in Venturebeat

Brands planning to sell NFTs in 2022 face stiff competition and rising holder expectations. Some successful NFT projects like World of Women offer utility-focused NFTs to holders with real-world value. Some have partnered with motion designers, musicians or 3D artists to stand out. Others write stories where NFTs are characters and a community votes on their “journeys.” A select few make cartoons to keep holders engaged. Companies and groups have already gone beyond traditional monetary incentives to attract Web3 developers in today’s tight job market. All of those NFT projects share one thing: none are tied to a legacy brand or recognized IP. 

The “why” is clear to crypto art enthusiasts, Discord community leads, brand strategists and storytellers — brands aren’t creating a presence. This key element to creating stickiness has been ignored as big consumer brands, towed by their PR teams, sprint to the expectation of NFT windfalls. But they forget to bring the Web3 picks and shovels.  ...'

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