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Monday, April 18, 2022

On Investment in Explainable AI

Needs always to be explained in its usage and risk contexts.

AI Is Explaining Itself to Humans. It's Paying Off.   By Reuters, April 15, 2022, Comments

Startups and major technology companies are investing heavily in explainable artificial intelligence (XAI), as U.S. and EU regulators campaign for fairness and transparency in automated decision-making.  XAI advocates say it has helped make AI more effective in fields such as healthcare and sales.

Microsoft saw its LinkedIn subscription revenue increase 8% after providing its sales team with CrystalCandle software, which identifies clients potentially at risk of cancellation, while explaining its reasoning.

Skeptics say an AI’s explanations of why it made the predictions it did are still too unreliable. LinkedIn says an algorithm's integrity cannot be judged without understanding its reasoning, while tools like CrystalCandle, for example, could help physicians learn why AI predicts someone is at greater risk of disease.

From Reuters   

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