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Friday, April 15, 2022

A New Way of Assistant Activation

Works well if  you are by the device.   Voice too?  Makes sense.

Google Assistant ‘Look and Talk’ Activation Heads Toward Release

ERIC HAL SCHWARTZ on April 14, 2022 at 4:00 pm

Google is beta testing a way to awaken Google Assistant with a glance instead of a spoken wake word on the Nest Hub Max, according to a report from 95o5 Google. Despite early rumors about ultrasound sensors, the “Look and Talk” feature will use the Google Nest Hub Max smart display’s camera to spot and activate Google Assistant when a user is looking at the camera built into the screen.


The facial recognition wake word appears to be in beta testing right now, without any formal announcement about when it will become available. Look and See is a new name for what was previously called Blue Steel,  a reference to the signature facial expression of Ben Stiller’s character in the film Zoolander. Turning on Look and Talk would make the Nest Hub Max’s camera a visual version of the “always listening” aspect of Google Assistant. Instead of saying “Hey, Google,” and issuing voice commands, users could simply look into the camera from up to five feet away and just start making requests of the voice assistant.   .... ' 

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