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Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Closer to Creating New Hair Follicles?

Computational methods for cell Behavior, considerable healthcare advance?   Here suggested for hair regrowth.    Read link below to further  technical details from Yale School of Medicine.

 One Step Closer to Creating Hair Follicles

Yale School of Medicine,   Jess Collins, April 13, 2022

New therapies to regrow hair could arise from a study led by Yale University researchers into the molecular triggers for hair follicle formation and regeneration. The researchers investigated dermal condensates (DCs) that transmit signals to direct hair follicle production, engineering a computational approach for aligning single-cell profile "snapshots" to map the DC development cycle. Combining computational findings with in vivo genetic experiments enabled the team to specify molecular DC genesis signals. Yale's Peggy Myung said two signals in particular cooperate in the formation process, which the researchers could modulate to decelerate DC genesis. Myung cited the research for demonstrating "how computational methods can be used to understand signals and cell behaviors that were previously impossible to capture."

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