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Thursday, April 21, 2022

Predicting Impact of Earthquakes

Not predict occurrence, but predict impact.  Quite useful in preparation.  Addressing during an event.  Recall we had looked at  feasibility of prediction.  More training samples needed.  

Neural Network Model Helps Predict Site-Specific Impacts of Earthquakes

Hiroshima University (Japan),  April 15, 2022

A neural network model developed by researchers at Japan's Hiroshima University can calculate how soil layers can amplify the seismic waves of large earthquakes. The researchers analyzed microtremor data from 105 sites in the Chugoku district from 2012 to 2020 using a generalized spectral inversion method. Data from each site was split into a training set to educate the neural network, a validation set applied to iterative model optimization, and a test set to assess the model's performance. The model performed well on the test dataset, although, said Hiroshima's Hiroyuki Miura, ”the number of training samples analyzed in this study sites is still limited.” Miura said more training samples needed to be considered “before assuming that the neural network model applies nationwide or globally.”

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