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Monday, April 25, 2022

Robotics in Nursing Homes

Saw related work being outlined in Japan.

Can Robots Save Nursing Homes?

The New York Times, John Leland, April 24, 2022

As more nursing home and assisted living facility staff leave the profession, some facilities are turning to robots to fill in the gaps. A $2-million contribution from the Minnesota Department of Human Services could enable 16 robots programmed by University of Minnesota Duluth’s Arshia Khan to be deployed to eight nursing homes later this year, if approved by the university's institutional review board. NAO robots will lead residents in yoga, tai chi, and strength-training classes, while Pepper robots will socialize with and entertain residents. Concerns about nursing homes' use of robots include a decline in human-to-human contact, whether families should have access to monitoring data, and how robots are presented in terms of gender and ethnicity.  ... ' 

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