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Thursday, April 21, 2022

Can AI End All Car Crashes?

 What safety record does it have to have to make it?  At what level of automation? When? 

Can AI All but End Car Crashes? The Potential Is There

The New York Times, Tanya Mohn, April 19, 2022

Although artificial intelligence (AI) already has been deployed to improve road safety through smartphone apps that monitor safe driving and connected vehicles that communicate with each other and road infrastructure, proponents of the technology believe it also can be used to predict and help to prevent dangerous driving behaviors. Australia's Acusensus, for instance, has rolled out systems that use AI algorithms to assess driver distraction, occupant restraint, and vehicle speed using cameras installed on overpasses and other infrastructure. The company’s Heads-Up Real Time product, which has been proposed for use in the U.S., would deliver data and images in real time to law enforcement. Acusensus technology also can be used to pinpoint "hot spots" where enforcement or infrastructure should be improved. On the other hand, the technology also raises concerns about privacy issues.  ... 


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