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Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Russia Said to be Jamming GPS Signals

More about uses of digital at war.

Russia is jamming GPS satellite signals in Ukraine, US Space Force says   By Elizabeth Howell published,   about 21 hours ago

'Ukraine may not be able to use GPS,' a Space Force official told

Another piece of space infrastructure for Ukraine is under attack, according to an NBC report.

Jammers from Russian forces besieging the country are targeting global positioning system (GPS) satellites that are used for navigation, mapping and other purposes, the report said, quoting the U.S. Space Force.  "Ukraine may not be able to use GPS because there are jammers around that prevent them from receiving any usable signal," Gen. David Thompson, the Space Force's vice chief of space operations, told NBC Nightly News Monday (April 11). .... 

"Certainly the Russians understand the value and importance of GPS and try to prevent others from using it," Thompson added. He noted that Russia has not directly attacked any satellites in orbit, but the Space Force is keeping an eye out for such possibilities. .... '

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