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Sunday, April 17, 2022

Big Robots in Dallas Airport

7 foot tall?    Already intimidating.  See the link to the SCOT system for more details.

7-Foot-Tall Robots Watch for Unmasked Travelers, Curbside Loiterers  By The Dallas Morning News, April 15, 2022

Two seven-foot-tall robots have been deployed at Dallas Love Field Airport in Dallas, TX, to assist and monitor passengers.  The Security Control Observation Tower (SCOT) robotic kiosks from Robotic Assistance Devices can help travelers navigate the airport, ensure passengers are wearing masks, and call airport security and operations if necessary.

The goal of the deployment is to determine whether robotic assistants can supplement airport operations efficiently.   Said Love Field's Lauren Rounds, "The units currently make scheduled and detection-based announcements directed toward our passengers and visitors. Some of these focus on reducing vehicular congestion at our curb using license plate recognition and increasing federal mask compliance using facial recognition technology, while others provide standard information."

From The Dallas Morning News

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