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Friday, April 22, 2022

Federated Graph Search from Netflix

Netflix has received some well deserved criticism of late.   But there is still Interesting Tech out of Netflix.    

How Netflix Content Engineering makes a federated graph searchable

By Alex Hutter, Falguni Jhaveri and Senthil Sayeebaba

Over the past few years Content Engineering at Netflix has been transitioning many of its services to use a federated GraphQL platform. GraphQL federation enables domain teams to independently build and operate their own Domain Graph Services (DGS) and, at the same time, connect their domain with other domains in a unified GraphQL schema exposed by a federated gateway.

As an example, let’s examine three core entities of the graph, each owned by separate engineering teams:

Movie: At Netflix, we make titles (shows, films, shorts etc.). For simplicity, let’s assume each title is a Movie object.

Production: Each Movie is associated with a Studio Production. A Production object tracks everything needed to make a Movie including shooting location, vendors, and more.

Talent: the people working on a Movie are the Talent, including actors, directors, and so on.  ....

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