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Thursday, April 14, 2022

Driverless on the Farm

Good, But notably not usually operated in very crowded conditions.

Tired of Waiting for Driverless Vehicles? Head to a Farm

Associated Press, Scott McFetridge, March 16, 2022

Driverless vehicles are more abundant on farms than city streets, with John Deere to start manufacturing autonomous tractors this fall after more than 10 years in development. The company intends to run the tractors on 10 to 50 farms by fall, before expanding to more farms in the coming years. Carnegie Mellon University's Raj Rajkumar said autonomous tractors have no vehicles, pedestrians, or intricacies of urban systems to deal with, and they can employ consistent global-positioning system data. Farmers can hitch a plow behind the driverless tractor, start it with a swipe of a smartphone, and then leave it to travel the field on its own. The machine has six pairs of cameras that can provide a 360-degree image, and computer algorithms help it to navigate and stop before unfamiliar obstacles. ... '

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