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Monday, April 18, 2022

Blockchain at Carrefour for Quality

Has now become a classic application of blockchain supply chain.  Worked with Carrefour in supply chain space.

Carrefour uses blockchain to offer consumers greater supply chain transparency

BLOCKCHAIN CARREFOUR SA FOOD SAFETY FRESH FOODS LOGISTICS/SUPPLY CHAIN SUPERMARKETS, Apr 18, 2022, by Tom Ryan in Retailwire    with further elicited comments.  

Carrefour has become the first retailer to use blockchain technology with its own branded organic products.

The distributed ledger technology behind bitcoin enables consumers to scan the QR code on a label to access information about the life cycle of a product, including:

Its origin and the pathway it has taken: Producer name, field location, packaging location and transport means; 

Its quality: Harvest date, analysis results, variety and seasonality; 

Its organic certification: Conversion date, official certificate and additional initiatives implemented by the producer.

“By using this technology with our organic products for the first time, we are delivering on our aim of becoming the leader in the food transition for everyone,” Benoît Soury, Carrefour organic market director, said in a statement. 

Blockchain systems store data securely and in a tamper-proof manner. Potentially replacing paper processes and disjointed data systems, the enhanced data visibility from blockchain promises to more quickly resolve food safety issues as well as overcome inaccurate supply and demand predictions, manual errors, counterfeiting and compliance violations.

Walmart began using IBM’s Food Trust blockchain technology to track lettuce and spinach in 2018, but the technology has been only slowly gaining traction despite the hype around cryptocurrencies.  Hurdles slowing mainstream adoption include a general lack of knowledge on blockchain and its applications, customization issues and challenges correlating the multiple ways data can be submitted. ... ' 

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