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Thursday, April 28, 2022

3D-Printing Approach Melds Solids, Liquids

 Some interesting applications emerge.

3D-Printing Approach Melds Solids, Liquids

CU Boulder Today. Daniel Strain, April 18, 2022

University of Colorado Boulder (CU Boulder) engineers have created three-dimensional (3D) printing technology that combines solid and liquid components. The researchers designed computer models to explore the physics of printing different materials contiguously, and CU Boulder's Robert MacCurdy said choosing a liquid that is denser than a solid can prevent mixing. In doing so, the team established a set of rules to help keep the droplets of solid materials from mixing into the liquid materials. Said MacCurdy, “If you have a printer that can use multiple kinds of materials, you can combine them in new ways and create a much broader range of mechanical properties.”  ... .' 

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