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Saturday, April 30, 2022

AI Strips out Noise

Note AI methods in use for noice removal. 

Deep Learning, Supervised Learning. Other applications in noise reduction?

AI Strips Out City Noise to Improve Earthquake Monitoring Systems

New Scientist, Chris Stokel-Walker, April 13, 2022

Stanford University's Gregory Baroza and colleagues used a deep learning algorithm to eliminate city noise from earthquake monitors, in an attempt to fine-tune the ability to locate where tremors originate. The researchers trained the artificial intelligence on 80,000 samples of urban noise and 33,751 samples of earthquake signals to distinguish between the two. Running audio through the neural network enhanced the signal-to-noise ratio by an average of 15 decibels, triple the average of previous denoising methods. Rice University's Maarten de Hoop said one shortcoming of the approach was the network's training via supervised learning using human-labeled data sampled from one area; he said this makes the technique less likely to be effective when presented with noise from somewhere else. ... '

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