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Tuesday, June 08, 2021

Scoping from Big Data to Big Knowledge

 This was brought to my attention by the 'Window Weekly Podcast' this week, in part because it dealt with conversations we had with Linkedin before they were acquired by Microsoft.   This did not lead anywhere, but touched on many aspects of how to handle corporate knowledge effectively.  See also the similarity to another system, called Zakta, which we called  a 'Collaborative Search Engine'.  See Zakta.com   Which uses classifications of kinds of knowledge.   Which we tested early on.  Worth a look.  

Project Alexandria is a research project within Microsoft Research Cambridge dedicated to discovering entities, or topics of information, and their associated properties from unstructured documents. This research lab has studied knowledge mining research for over a decade, using the probabilistic programming framework Infer.NET. Project Alexandria was established seven years ago to build on Infer.NET and retrieve facts, schemas, and entities from unstructured data sources while adhering to Microsoft’s robust privacy standards. The goal of the project is to construct a full knowledge base from a set of documents, entirely automatically.

The Alexandria research team is uniquely positioned to make direct contributions to new Microsoft products. Alexandria technology plays a central role in the recently announced Microsoft Viva Topics, an AI product that automatically organizes large amounts of content and expertise, making it easier for people to find information and act on it. Specifically, the Alexandria team is responsible for identifying topics and rich metadata, and combining other innovative Microsoft knowledge mining technologies to enhance the end user experience. ... '

https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/research/blog/alexandria-in-microsoft-viva-topics-from-big-data-to-big-knowledge/   Originally in MS Research.   ... ' 

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