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Tuesday, June 01, 2021

Designing VR from Youtube Fails

 Clever idea here, look for fails shown in YouTube to design-in resilience to fails.   An example of a huge source of data to design in such patterns.    Also the associated metadata.  Perhaps with other sources of such broad data as well.

What could possibly go wrong with virtual reality?,   by University of Copenhagen

YouTube is a treasure trove of virtual reality fails: users tripping, colliding into walls and smacking inanimate and animate objects. By investigating these "VR fails' on YouTube, researchers at the University of Copenhagen have sought to learn more about when and why things go sideways for users and how to improve VR design and experiences so as to avoid accidents.

Millions of YouTube viewers have enjoyed hearty laughs watching others getting hurt using virtual reality—people wearing VR headsets, falling, screaming, crashing into walls and TV sets, or knocking spectators to the floor. Some of us have even been that failing someone. Now, videos of virtual reality mishaps, called "VR Fails," have actually become a field of research.  .... " 

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