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Wednesday, June 09, 2021

Automating Excel with Python

 Nice idea.  In fact can think of several application examples where we were appending to capabilities of existing spreadsheets.   One a much used, almost historical example.  Could have led to quicker prototypes at least.  Pre-familiarity to the data in the spreadsheets.  Our coders probably would not want to deal with excel, but it still has useful capabilities:

Automate Your Excel Using Python

From manual to an automated approach  By Pranjal Saxena

 Python is an amazing programming language. It is easier to learn and adapt. The error messages in python are self-explainable. We don’t need to invest hours to find the solution to our error message. That’s why I love this programming language.

I think this should be the ideal programming language. A programming language's goal should be to help us build exciting products, not wasting time in solving errors.

Recently, I have learned about automating excel tasks using python. I thought of sharing those amazing tricks with a wider audience. This automating strategy use python programming. The good thing is — each line of python code is self explainable that you don’t need to google anything.

You can use the code editor of your choice. In this article, I will be using the Jupyter Notebook for demonstration purpose.   ..... (details below at the link) 

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