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Friday, September 06, 2019

Studies of Management by Algorithm

Is part of the process of what we deal with as we start to work more closely with robots and algorithms.   

What People Hate About Being Managed by Algorithms, According to a Study of Uber Drivers
by Mareike Möhlmann, Ola Henfridsson  in HBR

Companies are increasingly using algorithms to manage their remote workforces. Called “algorithmic management,” this approach has been most widely adopted in gig economy companies. For example, ride-hailing company Uber substantially increases its efficiency by managing some three million workers with an app that instructs drivers which passengers to pick up and which route to take.

Being managed in this way offers some benefit to self-employed workers as well: for example, Uber drivers are free to decide when and for how long they would like to work and which area they would like to serve. However, our research reveals that algorithmic management is also frustrating to workers, and their resentment can lead them to behave subversively with the potential to cause real harm to their companies. Our research also suggests some ways that companies can mitigate these concerns while still taking advantage of the benefits of management by algorithm. .... "

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