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Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Sainsbury's Experiment with No Checkout

No-checkout is changed to allow for a standard pay option.   Not unexpected, consumer behavior needs to be adjusted over time.   Our local Kroger now has three distinct payment options,  all with technical implications and complexity.   Still an experiment.

Sainsbury's reinstalls tills in till-free store  in the BBC
Tills have been reinstalled in an experimental till-less shop opened by supermarket Sainsbury's.  It had been totally refurbished to remove the entire checkout area, freeing up shop assistants to help customers on the shop floor.

Customers had to scan their groceries using Sainsbury's Pay & Go app, paying for them as they went around the shop.  But it resulted in long queues at the helpdesk as people attempted to pay for their groceries in the traditional way.  .... " 

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