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Monday, December 18, 2017

Statistics on the State of AI Adoption

Nicely done, though this is really about machine learning adoption.  Interesting statistics.  But not about the installation of systems like assistants to augment human beings.  Perhaps machine learning driven, but not necessarily. And the end of the day this is about implementing operational changes.  So this does get back to the fractured meaning of the 'AI' term.

The state of AI adoption
An overview of adoption, and suggestions to companies interested in AI technologies.   By Ben Lorica in O'Reilly

Artificial intelligence (AI) has attracted a lot of media coverage recently, and companies are rushing to figure out how AI technologies will impact them. Much of the coverage is devoted to research breakthroughs or new product offerings. But how are companies integrating AI into their underlying businesses? In this post, we share slides and notes from a talk we gave this past September at the AI Conference in San Francisco, offering an overview of the state of adoption and some suggestions to companies interested in implementing AI technologies .... " 

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