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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Watson Assistant Introduction

I was invited to be a beta developer in this space.  Here IBM competes with Amazon, Apple and Google for a place in adaptable, cognitive, skills based systems.    I like in particular that IBM is emphasizing how all these systems will be IoT style applications and plug into devices that need their capabilities.  I in particular will be emphasizing process improvement and optimization applications.  And opening the development of these skills to anyone.   Here is a starting introduction:

Watson Assistant Builder

Developer Docs for the Watson Assistant Builder

What is the Watson Assistant?
Watson Assistant is a technology that was designed to create personalized and engaging experiences with digital assistants for consumers. It is designed to be easily customizable and integrated into devices such as mobile apps, cars, rooms, and other connected objects. It understands context from history and real world sources to enable a delightful conversation and truly helpful recommendations. ...  "

More on classification of assistants and upcoming public presentations .... 

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