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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

LG Renames Appliances by Intelligence: ThinQ

Intriguing marketing spin for intelligent appliances.  Includes list of systems and applications involved.   Note smart home implications and deep learning.    Want to see a broader indication of value proposition by appliance.

LG products powered by A.I. will now be tied together under the new ThinQ brand  By Kris Wouk in DigitalTrends.

You don’t need to be able to predict the future to guess that our coverage of CES 2018 will be dominated by artificial intelligence, and LG is definitely on board. On Tuesday, December 19, LG announced that moving forward, all of its products that use A.I. — from household appliances to TVs — will now be united under the company’s new ThinQ brand.

“Our new ThinQ platform for LG’s intelligent products is the latest way that LG is delivering innovations that make consumers’ lives easier and more enjoyable,” LG Electronics USA vice president of marketing David VanderWaal said in a statement. “LG ThinQ enables deep learning technology and connectivity across household products, delivering even greater capabilities and convenience.” ... " 

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