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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

The Uses of Augmented Reality

Good points in Wired.  Have been searching for the big applications of AR long before modern AR.  Our own experiments first looked at maintenance support in manufacturing plants.  That's still possible, but it still has environmental and operational issues.   The problem of how to wear the augmenting devices comfortably and in social situations is still not solved.   So some of the flash will still occur in the comfort of the home or office, and maybe without very clear business value. 

Augmented Reality's Real Power will come from Substance, not Flash .... 

Mind you, visual learning in AR will explode only if everyday folks can create AR tutorials. Luckily, authoring tools are already on the way. JigSpace, for example, a small Australian startup, is building a platform that allows beginners to snap basic shapes together to make AR objects. ­People will start building augmented how-tos, complete with voice-overs soothingly talking us through the complex stuff. And that will foster new aesthetics—new ways to present imagery intended to float before the eye, instead of the mirror-what-I-do style of YouTube.   .... " 

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