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Friday, December 29, 2017

Targeting Marketing at Overstock

Admit have not looked at or used Overstock for some time.  Nice example of business model with analytics in Datanami:

Inside Overstock’s One-to-One Marketing Machine  By Alex Woodie

Like many online retailers, Overstock closely tracks the behavior of visitors on its site. But transforming all those individual page views and clicks into actual revenue is easier said than done. The company recently discussed with Datanami how it overcame challenges in building its own one-to-one marketing analytics system, and what results it’s delivered this year.

Overstock emerged from the wreckage of the first dot-com boom with a winning business plan: sell the excess merchandise of failed retail outfits at below-wholesale levels, build a loyal following, rinse, and repeat. Now nearly two decades in, Overstock has expanded to sell new products, and it all adds up to nearly $2 billion in revenue annually. ...  "

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